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  • I Don't Take Orders From Your PT

    I Don't Take Orders From Your PT

    | Jill Branch |

    In every profession, every so often, someone thinks they know how to do your job better than you do. As an SI practitioner, here’s what I think when that happens.

  • Why you should wear barefoot shoes after structural integration

    People don’t usually think about the effect shoes have on their bodies. When I went through the SI process, I learned just how important your shoes are. Through this post, find out how your shoes are affecting you.

  • Forget anatomy and take on art

    The muscle model has been used to understand physical balance for decades. But there’s another model that’s getting even better results. Through this post, gain a new perspective on how you can gain physical balance and stop just managing symptoms.

  • Pain, tension, and weakness

    Tension, pain, and weakness seem like problems of muscles and bones. But through this article, we’ll explore another explanation that may just lead to a better, longer-lasting solution to these common complaints.

  • Car Accidents, Chiropractors, and Chronic Pain

    About 10 years ago, I was practicing as a massage therapist working for a chiropractor. Most of the patients had been in car accidents and came to us because they had back or neck pain. Although the patients were grateful for some relief, it always seemed like as they took one step forward, they took two steps back. Through this post, we’ll look at some of the issues with this approach to pain and what can be done differently.

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