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  • Podcast: Time + Interest = Ability

    Podcast: Time + Interest = Ability

    | Jill Branch |

    How can one person experience something one way while someone else has the exact opposite experience with the same thing? How can structural integration help one person overcome chronic pain but not another? In this episode, we discuss how this phenomenon effects a person’s experience of SI and how having the right attitude can improve your experience with anything you do.

  • Growing Out of Growing Pains

    Growing Out of Growing Pains

    | Jill Branch |

    My relationship with my legs was rocky from the start. I remember as a child waking up in the middle of the night crying because my legs ached so badly. I would run into my mom’s room, crawl into her bed, and she would rub my legs until the pain went away and I fell back asleep. Even as an adult, I have experienced the familiar sensations of childhood growing pains.

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