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  • Podcast: Models, Muscles, and Mechanisms

    Podcast: Models, Muscles, and Mechanisms

    | Jill Branch |

    Levers and pulleys, muscles and bones. Biomechanics. For decades, the biomechanical model of the human body has been the scientific gospel on how we function. In this podcast, we talk about how the biomechanical model has been confused with reality. Instead of being treated like complex living beings, we’ve been reduced to joints and muscles. Learn from dogs, airplanes, and even economics interesting ways to think differently and perhaps solve your own problems with chronic pain.

  • Podcast: Food Foundations

    Podcast: Food Foundations

    | Jill Branch |

    Is raw milk safe? A better question, is raw milk any less safe than any other food? In this episode, we discuss some of the untruths of conventional nutrition, why they are so deeply embedded in how we eat today, and what resources can help you be a better-informed consumer.

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