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  • Podcast: Time + Interest = Ability

    Podcast: Time + Interest = Ability

    | Jill Branch |

    How can one person experience something one way while someone else has the exact opposite experience with the same thing? How can structural integration help one person overcome chronic pain but not another? In this episode, we discuss how this phenomenon effects a person’s experience of SI and how having the right attitude can improve your experience with anything you do.

  • I Don't Take Orders From Your PT

    I Don't Take Orders From Your PT

    | Jill Branch |

    In every profession, every so often, someone thinks they know how to do your job better than you do. As an SI practitioner, here’s what I think when that happens.

  • Podcast: Models, Muscles, and Mechanisms

    Podcast: Models, Muscles, and Mechanisms

    | Jill Branch |

    Levers and pulleys, muscles and bones. Biomechanics. For decades, the biomechanical model of the human body has been the scientific gospel on how we function. In this podcast, we talk about how the biomechanical model has been confused with reality. Instead of being treated like complex living beings, we’ve been reduced to joints and muscles. Learn from dogs, airplanes, and even economics interesting ways to think differently and perhaps solve your own problems with chronic pain.

  • Why you should wear barefoot shoes after structural integration

    People don’t usually think about the effect shoes have on their bodies. When I went through the SI process, I learned just how important your shoes are. Through this post, find out how your shoes are affecting you.

  • Podcast: Overcoming Chronic Pain - An Interview with Amy Sharma

    When she was told by doctors her back pain was something she would have to manage for the rest of her life, Amy decided to take matters into her own hands. Now, she wants to help others cut out the BS and get to what actually works.

  • Podcast: Food Foundations

    Podcast: Food Foundations

    | Jill Branch |

    Is raw milk safe? A better question, is raw milk any less safe than any other food? In this episode, we discuss some of the untruths of conventional nutrition, why they are so deeply embedded in how we eat today, and what resources can help you be a better-informed consumer.

  • Podcast: Art Meets Science

    Podcast: Art Meets Science

    | Jill Branch |

    In this episode, art meets vector calculus. We discuss the limitations of the biomechanical model and inspiration for a better model of the human body where art and science are two sides of the same coin.

  • Podcast: Welcome to Structural Integration

    Podcast: Welcome to Structural Integration

    | Kevin Keithley |

    In this episode, we discuss the many facets of structural integration. How it diverges from the traditional biomechanical model of the body, facilitates personal growth, and how it’s an experiential process, not one that can be adequately appreciated through knowledge alone.

  • Forget anatomy and take on art

    The muscle model has been used to understand physical balance for decades. But there’s another model that’s getting even better results. Through this post, gain a new perspective on how you can gain physical balance and stop just managing symptoms.

  • Pain, tension, and weakness

    Tension, pain, and weakness seem like problems of muscles and bones. But through this article, we’ll explore another explanation that may just lead to a better, longer-lasting solution to these common complaints.

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